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Frequently Asked Questions

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In short: A brand is the identity of a brand, but it's more than just a logo and a business card.

In long: Now-a-days a brand is NOT ONLY the name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that differentiates a person, business or product from its competitors in the eyes of their consumers, fans, and followers. Those are all necessary but a brand is also an on & offline consistent presence that you hold and portray. Brands are essential to individuals, businesses, marketing, and advertising.

The successes of your brand's identity defines your brand image.

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In short: A personal brand is what you or your business stands for and how you present that to everyone else.

In long: It's often defined this way: "Your brand is a perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you, that describes the total experience of having a relationship with you." - D.M & K.S. Building a personal brand is building another resource for growing your success and reaching your life & career goals. Find what impression you want to make on people and what audience or market you'd like to target. It's not only about what online presence you hold but make sure to keep business cards with you and be confident when talking with people face to face as well. They'll see you have a professional brand and want to hire you or find someone else who will need your product or services.

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In Short: Your logos is the cheerleader, or face of your brand. It's a visual representation of you or your business.

In long: If some other company is offering similar products and services that you offer, a logo helps you stand out and differentiate your brand from other competitors. Especially if you're a small business a logo would be helpful as a visual representation of who your brand is and what you do. Dan A. once said, "Give your brand the attention it deserves, the logo you choose to represent your business won't be an afterthought; instead, it will define your whole brand."

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Yes, SEVENTH offers customizable packages aside what you see on the pricing page. If you need help with building your brand and you don't see what you want or need please shoot us an email and we'll get back to you about options.

Also feel free to message us if you're not really sure what you need but you know you want to start building a brand!

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SEVENTH is a personal imaging, brand building, PR agency that offers creative services and professional expertise to individuals and startups.

SEVENTH is the day of completion. We offer you the complete package to getting your brand started.

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Of course you can get a discount! We offer a 10% off discount when you successfully refer us to a friend, and guess what, we'll throw in a 10% discount to your friend as well. Welcome to our Reward Program.

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Thank you. My business card looks professional! This is perfect for me and thanks for dealing with me.

Arturo C.
Business Owner of Plumbing Art

I found SEVENTH on Instagram and Khristy Too is the founder. She is just phenomenal. 5 stars for her professionalism and service. I am the founder of Mardon Mae, a conscious fashion online retail store. I reached out to Khristy as my store is new and I needed to do a product shoot with a model who could show case my bags and accessories. During the whole process, Khristy was communicative and responsive to all questions I had leading up to the day of the shoot and provided me with recommendations on different models prior to the photoshoot. She and I also worked together well, it was a great photoshoot and I was very satisfied with her model. I am having her help me for the next photoshoot next week!  

I would definitely recommend Seventh for any emerging brands or businesses who need a creative mind to help with photoshooting and model search.

Marina T.
Founder of MardonMae