Guide to a Free Photoshoot

We had some free time so we decided to go out for a Photoshoot. We put together a short-fast-& easy photoshoot that took little to no planning at all. Our objective was to go through a short day-plan of what an actual photoshoot would look like, but for 0 budget.

We covered a few of the essentials that every basic photoshoot should include. This photoshoot was mutually beneficial for the photographer and the model and that’s really our key here. TIP: find a friend whose willing to practice with you, this way you can both grow your repertoire, experience and your portfolios. Our tasks at bay were to practice posing a model, take on multiple locations, try out different camera angles. The strategy was to practice shooting as well as to brush up on some new modern-day techniques for both modeling and photography. After all you should never stop learning, even when you start your own business.

The photoshoot was a lot of fun, we stayed local to keep it very very low budget yet still fun and simple as ever. The advantages to this type of photoshoot environment are:

very low stress which is great for practice
plenty of time to take notice of body placement and other tiny details such as
artistic feel
and it’s so great for learning.

Like I said, we wanted to keep this to the lowest budget as possible, so anyone can mimic our Basic Photoshoot day. With this said, this shoot was all shot in one location. We actually just stayed at my parents home in the Silicon Valley and created three separate locations within that one location. Each location gave the photos a whole new and separate look.  Some of the photos may look as if we are all over the place but really we were in the comfort of our own home. Talk about really low-budget this was really easy and doable for anyone.


We started off in the front yard, and placed the model on an antique chair in front of the most beautiful, vibrant red rose bush. Photographer Justin instructed me through some poses that he has been wanting to practice shooting for portraits. Taking photos of a real  person is one great form of practice. For a model it is always great to practice modeling poses to stay comfortable in front of the camera and learn all the modern-day model poses and techniques. So the first pose was a relaxed sitting pose on a beautiful antique looking chair. We actually started off in my mother’s living room she calls it her angel room but the evening approach to lot faster than we had anticipated so we had to move it onto the front yard we were trying to catch the sunset for a second location away from my parents house about few blocks down but we ran out of time just trying to get these poses just right.


Sitting Pose: So for the first post for me as the model I was practicing trying to look comfortable even though I was you know in a very awkward sitting position I’m a bit shorter so too lean my elbows on my knees it would make my head very low and make for a really awkward look so I had to tiptoe on my to get my elbows to be higher on my knees so that I can rest my hand on my face rest my face on my hand to make it more of a cuter look like the post Justin wanted to practice so the tricky part here was actually trying to get my hand not to look so awkward most the times you can tell when a model is an amateur or professional when you can’t even notice how awkward her hands are placed his his or her hands are placed so I was really just working on that brushing up on that and Justin was working on on how to construct a model to to you know put her hands naturally so I will show you some of the shots we got of the first book the first post I kept one outfit for all locations just to make it fast and simple and easy to do so anyone can do this and then we went on with the


Pose 1

P1010228 2


Side Profile Portrait: The Second pose which was in “location 2” we moved to the backyard and it was actually a standing pose where I trust face diagonal from the camera but have my hands and face looking at the camera but my body turning on angle away from the camera slightly this picture didn’t really come out clean honest I didn’t really care for any of them so we moved on to a different background so we moved on to my parents wooden patio and that’s when I got the inspiration for the main pose which was falling so we did we did some along for the wooden patio on the bench and that one was a lot of fun.


The third pose was taken on my parents beautiful wooden deck, it’s actually  what inspired our main photo. The deck is where we started practicing posing with the shy girl shoulders and the used a natural natural relaxed open mouth.

P1010471-Edit copy-Edit


The wooden deck is what inspired our main photo, we moved over to the fence along the passion vines, and couldn’t get a good shot there, so I thought what if we got along the other side of the fence. That’s where the money shot was. We used the shy girl shoulders and the natural “cheese” word for that smile. There’s many words to practice with!


Pose 3


In my next post I’ll be including a Photoshoot modeling Guide.  With the guide, I’ll be telling you how you too can also easily practice your modeling techniques and/or photography techniques. The techniques in this post will include: How to become more comfortable in front of the camera. Different words you can say to get that natural facial, simple basic poses to play with your body movement and different techniques to get that model look.

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July 7, 2018


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