How to Get Started

Here's the secret

The secret behind getting started is to start! It really is that easy. There’s only a few simple steps to do to help prepare you to get started:

  1. Set some goals
  2. Create a timeline of actionables
  3. Set a deadline or due date – a HARD due date
  4. Get started !

that I’ll touch on in the next paragraph, I’m here to tell you your first step to success.
It’s a struggle that everyone shares and that’s how to get started. It’s actually a lot easier than most make it out to be. There’s a really great trick here and it’s a simple thing. The trick is every day, do one thing. Yep, ONE thing! With this exercise we are hoping you complete more than one thing, but completing one thing a day is a great start to create momentum to finish other things through out the day.

That’s all you have to do is finish one thing. That’s the secret to getting started. Give your self a goal, and a deadline. This will help you to make sure the one thing gets done. It’s sort of like Nike, you have to Just Do It!

... the hardest part is starting, so once you get that out of the way, you’re all set and ready to go.

Like they say, the hardest part is starting, so once you get that out of the way, you’re all set and ready to go. This post is somewhat related to my Motivated To-Do list post. The hardest part here would be the timeline of actionable, if that seems like busy work, skip it and just get to setting the due date. Once the due date is set you are ready to go.

What's your "one thing" ?

Today my “One Thing” was to write a blog post. I went around it all day, added stuff to my website, did some work for my media business. Created some forms for some clients and cleaned up around the house. Right now I’m finishing that blog post and I’m getting ready to start dinner. Now here’s my one thing, comment below what your “One Thing” was for today! If you didn’t do anything comment me what your “One Thing” will be for tomorrow! Good luck ! Let’s get motivated! The only way to achieve your goals is to get started and get things done.

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June 6, 2018


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